Urinary Cause

In education and peeing involving several different organs and structures. Failure in the normal functioning of one of these organs can cause pain when urinating. Kidney – the body filters that remove Waste products from the blood and producing urine, which leads them out. Urine from the kidney down the ureter – a long tube, which empties into the bladder. When the bladder accumulates a certain number of urine, it stretched wall sends a signal to the brain to remove excess. This news can be quite persistent, even to wake you up at night. The longer you ignore it, the more uncomfortable themselves feel.

At the first opportunity, you emptied your bladder. However, some muscles tense, while others relax. Urine leaves the body in urethra channel. Rather complicated procedure for a simple act. Sally Rooney often says this. The first cause pain when urinating – urinary tract infection. Women are more often a bladder infection – cystitis. In men, most likely an infection of the prostate. No matter the reason, an acute infection Urinary tract painful, accompanied by chills and fever.

Establish the place of infection can be on where and when you have a headache. If you're feeling when urinating burning sensation, as if boiling water, the cause of the very urethra. If the pain appears after urinating – a problem that is likely in the bladder. In any case, should consult a doctor. By doing a urine culture, it is a diagnosis and choose the correct antibiotik.U women vaginal infection can lead to mechanical irritation of the urethra and cause frequent, painful urination. Then it can happen interstitial cystitis, the cause is unknown. It is caused by inflammation of the bladder infection probably. Other reasons unknown. If the pain is accompanied by a weak man, a thin stream of urine (or stream splitting), then maybe something prevents it from leaking. This may talk about enlarged prostate. But it may be the result of neurological problem that causes a weakening of the muscles that control the activity of the bladder. It is also worth a look at the urine. Blood in the urine indicates of kidney stones, tumors or severe infections in the urinary tract. However, pure urine can be infected, and muddy – talking about the presence of phosphates in the food that conforms to the norm.

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