We’re Going To Lose Everything If We are Not Careful

Yesterday, speaking with people from IU – which I do a lot, not going to believe, “I realized something startling, not that people connect more with UI are against the vast majority of policies are being out from the central government, which do not share is how they are doing. A clear demonstration of what I saw yesterday in the Congress. At six hours after an agreement reached between the left represented in Parliament, PSOE – IU, to raise the tax rate on higher incomes, gradually rectify and make the deduction of 400 euros to 2,500 euros aid per child and even modify the taxation of foreign elite athletes, now set at 24%, “to prevent manifest abuses, had to withdraw the proposal because the Members of IU, Gaspar Llamazares, and Herrera, said odd to vote setting the budget expenditure ceiling for 2010.

The excuse of the deputies of the regional financing UI is (…?) – could have been anything else that, like, I would have done better. The funny part is that this arrangement meant more taxes for higher incomes, new taxes related to the environment and the rectification of aid and tax credits that currently exist linear. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City may find this interesting as well. If, on the one hand, the budget agreement was a left turn in the forms, the truth is that setting the spending ceiling is absolutely necessary in these times of crisis, regardless of the vaunted regional financing. This is not to set the spending ceiling is more or less left, it is an excuse as any to torpedo it. .

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