American Good

But them in any way should close other avenues, other channels, other doors of enjoyment and delight and enjoyment to me and take me to belittle the remaining manifestations of musical art that I have the enormous happiness and fortune have also there at my fingertips. At all. Because to my modest understanding the most important assessment that we must do in this area is this: everything is good if it is good. Or put another way: in all genres and styles (rock, reggae, folk, pop, flamenco, jazz, classical) is possible to discover extraordinary, authentic quality and worth and unmistakable authenticity and wonderful pieces. Good compositions performed and interpreted. Because creativity, imagination and sensitivity and expressive ability can have them (and in fact there are) in all the expressions and manifestations of musical art; i.e. human sensitivity can manifest itself (and in fact is) manifest) in all genres, forms and styles of music.

Mode and fashion a good meringue can get us to the soul (think, for example, in crystalline Arroyito, jewel of our folklore that always manages to touch me and forces me to move feet and finally all the skeleton) as a Franz Schubert sonata or a Symphony of Anton Bruckner and Bedrich Smetana. But also as a picture of Francis Picabia or Odile Redon. Because art transcends forms and genres and in all its manifestations while not at all with the same vigour and intensity, fullness and richness, can shine with genius and force an individuality, a soul which expresses itself, original and unique voice. Therefore, self only lost when we deny entry to such or which artistic expression (folk, sacred, twelve-tone music; ballet or modern dance; figurative or Expressionism or abstract painting; Baroque or romantic literature or current trends in the American dirty realism), only our own soul is impoverished and undermined in the infinite range of its potentialities. The artistic and cultural manifestations of the human being are there, within reach of our sensibility and our intellect. We only have to open ourselves to his vast world of suggestions, content, forms, colors and senses without prejudices of any kind. We only let us penetrate and possess its nourishing magma. Beyond of the cultures, languages and historical time, this cultural and artistic wealth belongs to us in its own right, is within the reach of our hands, that full and suggestive world that nurtures us and us exalts calls us and us is always waiting like a heart throbbing and generous, full of sense, because with that precise goal their creators gave shape and life.

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