Approach To Crossing De Julio Pinions

Julio Pinions, been born in the Great North (Antofagasta), militant of the poetic neovanguard of the School of Santiago by the end of the sixty and beginnings of the seventy of the last century, took root in the Small North, specifically in Night love song, already having abjured of his rythmical previous experimental style that has been trasmutado in another apparently inverse way the neolinguismo of phonetic apoyatura and that characterized to the paragraphs of its poetry first, for example the one that appears in the anthology 33 names keys of the present Chilean poetry, special edition of the Orfeo magazine published by ZIG ZAG in 1968. But its game of the vanguard by thus saying evident or formal, concerning well-known distortions and configurations of the language, has not meant an election of simplicity. The poetry of the last poemario of the author, Passage, published by the University of the Night love song in 2008, marks to a new stage in the search of an intention language concise, pristine and more and more multipurpose totalizer with the aim of expression that wanted to conjugate expressive and intellectual , particular and general , personal and social, terms that we used conscious to perhaps perpetrate the coarse one and traditional simplification opposes that them, and to integrate the diverse instances of the existence and experience of the writing, task or proposal which I create maintains from the vanguardista attempt of the author. A related site: San Antonio Spurs mentions similar findings. The title Passage is or somehow a reference (or continuation or version) of the state of predominant things in the book Walking of 1982 and somehow in Poemares, where it is alluded to poems, songs and seas, of 1991. It would be restored a luck of semantic series regarding the trip in these titles. The poetry like sea by which it is traveled or it sailed.

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