Cabaret Voltaire

Cinema can still be mentioned to the set of people who work in the cinematographic industry, or to the room of spectacles where cinematographic workmanships are shown. The invention of the photograph and mainly of ' ' photograph animada' ' they had been elements we importantissimos not only for the development of the arts as of other sciences, especially in the field of the visual anthropology. The cinema will go to present loaned narratives of other artistic languages as the theater, literature, and even of the proper painting. This is a form of construction of the knowledge is memory and ressignificao. In accordance with Araujo: With the Lumire brothers, the cinema found its first and more complete definition: a way to catch the reality in movement without no interference human being. Everything what the Lumire wanted was to show family scenes, of its manufactures, a train in movement, the lunch of the baby. It seems little, right? But, it is clearly that we do not have to wait that the inventors of a device develop all its possibilities.

(ARAUJO, 1995, P. 10) 3. Dadasmo and surrealismo the Dadasmo was an established modern vanguard in Zurich in 1916, for some plastic writers and artists, amongst them we find Duchamp, Tristan Tzara, Francis Picabia, Max Ernst and Man Ray. As some authors the Given word appeared by chance, in a meeting of artists in the Cabaret Voltaire, one of the representatives of the movement opened a French dictionary in the page where it opened the first word who had found Were given, that she means pony, wild crossbow, hobby horse or simply nothing. Given = nothing, because nothing more it could have reason of the war ahead.

From there the Dadasmo, an antiart movement appears. (RICHTER, 1993). Dadastas used the unconscious one, satirizam the society of the time giving an illogical character.

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