Caring For The Environment

The main idea is to reverse, and consider new routes for the development of our existence on this planet, is to see otherwise is really live without the false promises of comfort offered by the commercialism. Desertification, melting icecaps, droughts of rivers, loss of species, diseases of human beings, we indifference to our identity, the turmoil in the cities, and a number of effects caused by the ignorance of our beings condition forces us to change destructive behaviors and revise policies at all levels. There are international organizations, which supposedly require, promote or facing countries, reducing, for example, emission of toxic gases into the environment, but these measures, integration and inclusion depends on the interests of each country, ie if is included if you choose no, no. Similarly to some targets issued to comply within a "X", called "Millennium Goals" where countries members or signatories to this agreement are committed to overcoming them, but although some countries have made progress not noticed the changes. (Source: Tony Parker). This shows the disinterest, lack of consistency in word and action, the formation of interests and other socio-economic conditions is not intended to maintain a standard and a culture that supports them in their own goals. The current economic collapse is an important signal to be analyzed, as has happened in the past, is it can happen again, this demonstrates the need for a change of attitude from the important elements of our existence: MAN – NATURE – WORK. Similarly have been achievements in the protection of nature but are isolated and influential, but often depends on a government or institution in the shortest of the cases to people, often strangers, devoted to the protection of nature . .

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