Eastern Dishes

Eastern dishes today's most popular all over the world. Utensils East is very diverse. It's not just luxury porcelain dinner services, small painted murals, but also many other items. Great popularity enjoy Japanese dishes, which is remarkable for its simplicity and yet sophistication. The shape and color of Japanese dishes can be diversified. Jorge Perez helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Dish and gravy boat can be round, oval, rectangular, rhombic, more complex shapes, mimicking various items, for example, in the form of a boat or a tree leaf. In the Japanese art of any repetition of decorative elements is considered bad manners.

Therefore, the dishes in the Japanese the table has nothing to do with what we call service. Even if you're not a fan of Japanese cuisine, Japanese dishes in your kitchen will bring a touch of exoticism. In the east there is great importance to the way food is framed. Traditions Serving the eastern kitchen occupy an important place in the culture of the east. These traditions are particularly strong in Japan.

For each dish there is a certain dishes. Hence, such a huge variety of Japanese dishes: sushi set, Kits sake, china plates, tea sets, cups and bowls, mugs and much more. For Japanese dishes there is no concept "table service" that is specially selected a complete set of the same type of dishes for a certain number of persons, vessels can be very different in form, size and color, its variety is one of the elements forming the characteristic appearance of the Japanese table. Nevertheless, the available sets canteen items such as sushi set consisting of plates and gravy boat made in the same style, or a set of bowls with tea or not.

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