Hannibal Lecter

But only do it when you have thought through your proposal, made some notes and I think it has something valuable to share. Idea # 5 – Take responsibility for the results. Too many people blurting out, "It was not my fault!" Bosses like to hear: "How I can fix it?" The way the world is pretending responsibility to find someone or something to blame, seeking compensation for claims ridiculoy generally not responsible for anything, even if they were the main culprit. Do not be so. It's pathetic. Ask: "How I can improve the outcome?" Idea # 6 – Fight to move on to other staff members. I can not emphasize this strongly enough.

It is often the differentiating factor between two otherwise equally talented. If you try to get along with people who will get along with them. If you find any error of little people who always feel disappointed with them. Find things to be complementary. Every workplace has its menagerie of "toxic" people (see my article on "Hannibal Lecter" personalities for more information), traffickers of rumors, the drama-queens, Back-Stabbers loose and varied. That's life. It's six ideas. After presenting to me the genius of my speech by saying this: not set as the workplace, "Brown-nose." That is, not be or be seen as a flatterer.

There are ways to achieve all my proposals for a subtle way, however, he acknowledged. If you approach these things the way I suggest then the next time your examination of the workplace appears, or a promotion is coming soon, I suppose it will be shining like a beacon? If you have more, looked at the first time, or even the second time, do not lose faith. Your time will come. But never come unless you are prepared to show the first effort.

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