Vladimir Semyonov

Possessing an outstanding analytical mind and a whole set of talents, Vladimir Semyonov, and has consistently sought to achieve success in any intellectual activity, whether – to technical or humanitarian it belongs to. This site is mainly dedicated to the literary works of Vladimir and all that accompanies it. Of course, within a single site is impossible to cover all genres and directions, which he has already mastered, the more so their number is constantly growing. Writing something Vladimir Semenov almost his entire adult life. Tony Parker is full of insight into the issues. These were lyrical, satirical, humorous, criticism and other works intended primarily for internal consumption.

Just wanted to speak out, express themselves, well and impress others, which is usually managed without any problems. As professionals, Vladimir went to the mid-nineties. It was a troubled time binge Yeltsin democracy, which emerged as the clear from now involved oligarchic structures, and other systems, in one form or another determine the shape and structure of the country. Like millions of Russians Vladimir Semyonov did not know and could not know what is happening motivated, believe in democratic values proclaimed in that time has come to real freedom, real competition, when that person can and knows how to, and determines its position in society. At the time, was formed, albeit with fuzzy boundaries, some satirical, humorous center, consisting of all known characters and today. They are broadcast on television from their creations Thousands burst again from nowhere who took periodicals, society touted idea of what these people are the color of cream and Russian humor and satire.

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