The programs humorstico of the TV in them brings very good a momentnea joy for signal, but we do not have to be attending this in all time, because we will go to have a false joy, we go to learn to make jokes of everything and all and to even make this in the improper hours, the people never go in them to take the serious one, will be tachados as silly. The video games and games for the Internet is one another attractive that it is very good for diversion, us must have very well-taken care of when using and leave to use this type entertainment, therefore if I vitiate to leave it catching we will have to them a serious problem to face, and if its son () some thing has to be made, or to try to transform this I vitiate to benefit for one future profession. (The insanity inside of the church) Madness: weakness or disequilibrium that deprives the use of the mental facultieses. ' ' You leave the foolishness, and you live; you walk for the way of entendimento.' ' 6 sayings 9. the madness of which I am speaking is not that one that if it sees pparently, but yes one has lain pparently healthy that it is left to dominate for the lie that conducts the world.

They arrive to twist and to advise to personages of films novels and drawings as if could move what the author already wrote. How I can give advice to an invented thing? It notices that the word madness also means weakness of the mind, and the ones that have weak minds easily are manipulated by the shepherds who still are in the customs of the law. It sees who are the ones that weak mind of the church has inside, ' ' However, what he is weak in the faith, you receive it, but it does not stop condemning the escrpulos to it.

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