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Imagine that we live in the mountains and there has been a big snowfall. It triggered a small avalanche, and snow that moves down slope as a small ball. This ball does not find any obstacle in their path and keeps growing larger. The ball continues to grow, until its magnitude is such that the result in a valley, devastates a small town. To deepen your understanding comedian is the source. Violence in the classroom, it works the same way.

If a student finds no brake on their bad behavior, will become a capricious person, devoid of empathy and aggressive. The spiral of violence occurs when a person suffers harassment, whether the intensity is, serves the same in an inappropriate manner. Passive or inhibited children, do nothing, and their harassers to increase the intensity, until it becomes unbearable. A process type, is as follows: A child is teasing. Subsequently, the jokes are produced by multiple partners. To know more about this subject visit Sela Ward. Pass the teasing insults.

From insults to give a campion in line, push or put the trip. Then you can remove the tea, money, clothing or any utensilio.Si the child refuses or is reluctant to do so without suffering a physical assault. Bullies are at the opposite pole: respond in a violent manner, leading to greater aggression in the bully, which also worsen things. The assertive child, however, learn to cut the spiral of violence, without actually using insults or physical violence. The protocol only defense of the physical, when attempts have not been successful peacemakers and suffer a physical assault. Suppose a child begins to suffer the taunts of a peer group, spurred on by their leader. The child has a vision problem that creates a complex. We often say: “four eyes”, “vizco”, etc. (Remember that children can be very cruel). The child responds with an insult: “moron”, for example. The harasser increases the intensity and says “asshole” and harassed him respond, remembering his mother. The harasser can not find words thicker, and goes to physical aggression. Now suppose that the child responds to the initial joke, without aggression, without insults, safely, and replied that two heads are better than two. In this way, do not feed the spiral of violence. If the harasser, to be cut, taunts or insults him again, the hunted again responds. You can be the case that the harasser, then, no longer bother the child, because security has pecibido, assertiveness and confidence in their response. You can also arise where the harasser, to be defeated in the use of language, try to attack the beleaguered, but at that time, the protocol will start defense of physical integrity. It is important to note, that the complaint of assault on an adult (teacher and parent) is always an essential step forward in the protocol. And that the “silent majority” who attended the harassment doing nothing, should be aware of the problem and reporting it, but the assaulted does not. But remember that most bullying situations occur in the absence of an adult and the child who at first instance, has to face the problem, and it must have the necessary resources. Enrique Perez-Carrillo de la Cueva and is director of the Technical Director.

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