Irish Cobs

Presentation of the Tinker horse and Irish COB society Germany e. V. For over 10 years, in Germany, Tinker and Irish COB imported and bred. This colourful and quiet character horse breed from the country of origin in Ireland has become one of the most popular recreational horses of in Germany. While at the beginning of the German Tinkerbooms, this breed of horse in Ireland still considered virtually worthless battle horse, it is now impossible to imagine away this race of the German market. But what do we know about this breed, whose main Merkmale are the pronounced Kote awning, solid bone structure, as well as the proper character? After a short deliberation we conclude: we always hardly know about these wonderful animals. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sela Ward has to say. This has primarily something to do, that there was never a single breed, which had collected and evaluated.

For many years, Tinker were conducted only as a subcategory in several breeding organizations. A large part of the Tinker has green passes of the short footnote Germany’s Equestrian Federation. The FN runs but no racial statistics. To date, there are only imprecise figures about the actual breed stock in Germany. The degree of kinship of our Irish cobs is unclear. It must be assumed that over 50% of all tinker living in Germany are related to each other! An open question * and here comes Thaics e. V.

in the game. * to answer the many questions, the Tinker horse and Irish COB society Germany e. v., founded in 2006 briefly THAICS e. V.,. Thaics has made the task to collect data in a database and to evaluate them. Currently over 200 tinker and Irish cobs in the database, the tendency is strongly increasing. Registration in the data base is of course free of charge and can be made online here: database as of 2009 are the horses registered in the database personally measured by trained teams and photographed, to finally start the evaluation of the data. In addition, hair samples are taken for genetic analysis. Due to the intense Research, as well as the commitment to the Tinker was named 2008 Thaics e. V. society Ireland the only German branch of the Irish COB! The ICS Ireland leads the original mother Studbook and leads this Europe-wide! In February 2009, Evelyn Flynn, President of ICS Ireland Ltd. successfully carried out a first detailed inspector training for Thaics members. Further training followed in 2009! Due to the large response, an international training by Evelyn Flynn and Thomas Kranz in Brandenburg took place in July 2010. Here met budding breed judge from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Spain. Now, Tinker – any Irish can get so COB owner original papers from Ireland. These can be issued to the public dog shows or Stallion breed surveys. Also court dates are possible. The dates, as well as application forms are published on the homepage. Already in 2009 and 2010, successfully found by numerous country dog shows. 2011, there will be the opportunity in almost every State, You coveted to exhibiting original documents! Thaics e. V. welcomes all tinker – and Irish COB-friends! Visit our homepage! Contact: Chairman: Thomas Kranz 2 Chair: Kerstin power Treasurer: Ralf Kleinjung

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