Rapid Lessons

Conclusion: The lessons at this age do not give such a rapid result, as in the classroom with older age groups, but this result is very stable and remains on the rest of his life. Learning to play the guitar, children aged 10 to 13 years. With 10 years of age begins next age category. At this age, already well developed musculature of the fingers and hands, as people in this age group has already defined music tastes, a highly developed emotional sphere. And, most importantly, the young man or woman of this age are able to perceive intelligent information sufficiently large degree of complexity.

People in this age develops much faster. The rapid processes are learning to play the guitar during the lessons. Guitar, you can use regular, not reduced, size. Tony Parker understood the implications. For teachers the main task here will be the development and establishment motivation for the result in the development of concentration on the subject over a long period of time during guitar lessons. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. Guitar lessons with a teenager: 13 years and older. From the age of 13 years and older child begins the so-called 'awkward age'. In terms of pedagogy, this age is very productive.

Since many, including the success of guitar lessons will depend on how large the degree of trust between teacher and students during lessons. If confidence is high, then no problems arise simply can not, and themselves guitar lessons are very bright and productive. The task of the teacher in the classroom with teenagers – is to guide development in music, without disturbing him. And just beneath it lay a truly professional musical skills playing the guitar. Practice shows that the student almost always knows what he is or she would like to play the guitar – all priorities already placed. In conclusion. Summarizing all the above: to start guitar lessons at any age. Every age has its peculiarities, as well as in every age is put to various tasks. As a rule, at a younger age the process of musical learning is slower than in older. On the other hand, if you want your child has reached the professional heights in guitar performance, it is better to begin classes as early as possible. The main task of the teacher – is to avoid any pressure on the child. Music has never been and will not be routine, as it often in secondary school. Music lessons – is primarily a development of the emotional sphere. Where it comes to feelings, the teacher must ultimately carefully and professionally competent. We are talking about gentle children's souls, which are easy to 'hurt', and in the absence of appropriate skills, leave 'scars' in my heart for a lifetime. It is 'soft', competent approach with a focus on attention to the subject and serious about the guitar itself in the classroom and gives the expected result.

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