What is talent? Do you have or you learn?.Many of us are sure that we have seen to co-workers, friends or acquaintances with great success in their professional lives and we said. is it that you have talent and we have been thinking us why we can not reach that degree? We all have talent just need that someone wants to see. It is necessary that we read each to the other, trust and in giving us the opportunity. I remember when she worked self-employed, there was a boss who knew and wanted to give me the chance, read me and said if it is worth. Do remember that I felt useful and successfully from here take the opportunity to thank J.A.A.

past time, this Chief departed, and which came into place already not I gave the opportunity and what does this mean? What already didn’t talent?, talent is something coming and going?. Well not. We need to read us, look at each other, that our superiors have confidence in us and give us the opportunity and I’m sure many people don’t desperdiciarian your talent. According to Jose Pedro Garcia, an expert in motivation, talent is the natural gift that has a person who allows you to do things and achieve results in an easy way, just effortlessly. The talent is scarce; We must retain the talent; the danger is leakage of talent.: everyday phrases that have become axioms, where it seems to force repeated that talent is a rare commodity. Anyway, it is normal that we have this perception. What can you expect from a system where the classical definition of Economics is to meet unlimited needs with limited resources, and that penalizes the competitiveness and system consumption in which we are immersed? In short: scarcity, deficiency, and therefore struggle and dispute over what so valuable for what little there is: this is the vision that today in general has talent.

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