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The same still he remembers that the Country was contemplated 02 (two) great esportivos events, the Pantry of the World of 2014 and the Olimpadas of 2016; that ties the accomplishment of these great world-wide esportivos events in Brazil, much we will have that to make in this direction. In all Brazil, more especially in our State, the drugs have proliferated in a frightful way, taking many them our young to its consumption and the death; to put the disciplinarian Capoeira as instrument comes occupying space of prominence in this context, offering significant contributions through its educators, affirms the Master. According to IBGE, 62% of the pertaining to the state of Cear population live below of the line of the poverty, in contrast with a different concentration of income at the hands of a minority. The unemployment reaches 200 a thousand people, mainly the young. The consumption of ' ' crack' ' highly harmful drug and with quick capacity of degradation human being has grown of frightful form between youth, adds it this the fact of $fortaleza to coexist 700 slum quarters more than, the majority without forecast of politics publishes of education, culture or leisure, measures these, that could contribute significantly to brighten up the devastador social picture that comes daily being spotted.The Capoeira is without surplus of doubts in the biggest present time one of the tool of social inclusion in the combat the drugs in our Country, if let us not see: as product of the popular culture and sport, they can and they must contribute to revert this picture and to favor the approach of the people, valuing them for what they are, in essence, and not for its social and material conditions.

It also contributes, for the construction of democratic spaces, where all have equal rights and chances, for the understanding of the relations between past, gift and future; e, over all, to awake the conscience politics and the capacity of affirmation of the citizenship and the basic human rights; still acts as complement in the familiar income, a time that the Capoeira also is recognized as professional activity, for the Brazilian code of occupation CBO. These will be some of the points to be debated in this hearing publish in the State legislature of the Cear, which not yet has marked date, but that certainly it will serve of alert so that together let us come to give a tripping in the drugs. Bigger information of as to participate in the construction and the support to this project:Gerson master of the Valle 085. 9954,8989 TIM 8754,2803 8107,6104 9204,2624 OI CLEARLY ALIVE email: mestregerson@ Blog: Blog:

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