Schkeuditzer Christmas

19 Saxon IMP tournament / 6 Schkeuditzer Christmas fencing Thuringian fencer successful challenge cup to defend in Schkeuditz. The fencing club Schkeuditz directed two tournament at the weekend. On Saturdays, around 30 fencers from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt fought at 6 Schkeuditzer Christmas fencing. Actress can provide more clarity in the matter. In addition to the “correct” fencers also (so far) not challenging bad parents participated in the open tournament Elster as well as football and volleyball players from Schkeuditz. The LVZ reported. Fought all three weapons, the sword have been a crew rotation system, in which each against it was in the foil a classification round with subsequent direct separation.

Who then still haven’t got enough, could challenge even Saber. Rainer Fehse from the FC Leipzig showed particularly strong. He won in the sword of the Mr and Mr foil. Yvonne Valz, also FCL, won the women’s EPEE. But also hosts Schkeuditz didn’t need to hide. The Airport City won 1st place until 3 in the Sabre and 2-4 in the men’s foil. Only in the sword of the Lord they not arrived against the Leipzig, here seventh was the best Schkeuditzer Lord.

The next day, the children then showed their prowess with the foil. 197 applications a new record number of participants brought the 19th Saxon IMP tournament in Schkeuditz. Fencers from all over Germany and five Polish clubs attended the tournament for students. It was adhered to despite the huge number of the schedule, was to thank above all the outstanding tournament management. The Director in the background always ensured that none of the 14 Artos Fechtbahnen remained empty and the whole tournament process happened quickly. Gefochten was separated according to men, women, and age three preliminary rounds with relegated and final final of the best eight fencers. Christoph Baumgart, Chief of the PFAFF of sewing Center Leipzig, the trophy in the Champions League format to the old and new Cup holders PSV Weimar handed over at the end of the hard day of the tournament. MKS Kusy Szczecin came close behind on second place, unit Altenburg was third in the team standings. Djamila Crustewitz by the FC Leipzig won bronze in the 98 women, the FCL came in overall ranked seven. With a third place finish at the 2000 ladies by Josie Tan, as well as some fifth and sixth places, it was enough in the team ranking for the host Schkeuditz only to rank 11 author: Mike Jacobs

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