Body Relaxing

This sit-ups, push-ups, tilts, turns and stuff. Very simple and convenient way to remove the situational stress and calm your nerves – sit down 50 times, or do 50 push-ups, better in open air. Besides, it's much healthier and more natural for the body than cigarette you smoke. Since the negative energy (anger, irritation, anger) is directed in a constructive direction, and immediately used, and does not accumulate, does not destroy the body and does not spoil the mood. In addition, the cardiovascular system begins to work more active, better blood supplies all the internal organs, and improved nutrition of the brain. It turns out that such short-term exercise also stimulates mental activity necessary to resolve the arising stress situation.

This way of removing negativity is the best for the body, and should become a habit as opposed to relaxing with alcohol, nicotine and empty feelings. And of course we must remember that in man, everything is interrelated and its physiological state is inseparable from the psychological. Today, access to many means of relaxation – , audio recordings of nature sounds, noise, water, birds singing, relaxing music, etc. – Everyone can choose something to your taste. It is very important – always have at hand is that it helps you tidy up your psychological state. And yet, we must remember that harmony requires an external comfort, for example, the colors around you during business hours and at home. Such a little thing like the color of the walls or furniture can poison daily life, annoy, pulling power.

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