Arcangelo Corelli

However, “continued” – this is not entirely accurate. Violins in Cremona were doing at the same time as in Brescia, a founder of the Cremona school was Andrea Amati’s even older, than Bertolotti, and the more Magini. On the continuation of the case breshiantsev can only speak because kremontsy most fully embodied the idea of the violin: the sound of this instrument was to be the model of the human voice. Hence, the tone was supposed to be deep, rich, warm, with lots of shades, and sound character – flexible, able to arbitrarily change from rapid recitative gruffly to sensuous singing. Violin as a voice, should have been able to express all human feelings. Now we know that the master brilliantly carried out their plans. And not for nothing that the violin is the most perfect instrument. In addition, the refined design kremontsy violin, and the shape was adjusted to a striking elegance. Some fans of the beautiful can spend hours admiring the old violin, so attractive beauty of this tool. That is the main merit of such masters as Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri.

And if in the future sound of their instruments will be surpassed in reality, not hasty newspaper articles, all the same mankind will never forget the true creators of the violin. Antonio Stradivari lived and worked for a whole century later, Andrea Amati. And this century has been for the violin very difficult. She was considered trade fair, tavern tool. More common are the viola, and they reigned in the bow music. And who knows how long they would stay another violin outcast, if not outstanding performers, evaluated and chose her. Then of course you remember Paganini. Yes, it was a brilliant musician, greatly enriched by methods of playing the violin and violin music in general. But Paganini had already worked in the heyday of the violin, he began to scratch. Long before he had, and Arcangelo Corelli, almost as old as Stradivari and Giuseppe Tartini, Jean-Marie Leclair. Masters worked instruments as the musicians create and perform music, it is inherent in this instrument, showing that is capable of violin in capable hands. Violin music was so skilful and expressive that Viola gradually gave way to her place and disappeared. The victory of the violin naturally, but a pity that the rivalry tools are often ended with no reconciliation, and the complete defeat of one party. Viola is also trying to revive now, and on rare its performances can be seen that in music written for her viola was also good.

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