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Membership Ceremony

Ceremony of a special kind: 355 years honored membership! The Aschendorfer RGZV Abidi by 1897 E.v. Club was at its annual general meeting the members of Kathe Schirocki, Eberhard Raheja, Gretchen Vahle, Herbert Mecklenburg and Otto Meyer (each of 45 … Continue reading

Katja Moller

The professionally achwuchsmangel counteract many sports and cultural associations must today’s declining membership numbers and missing young complain about. Often the conventional speech about local gazettes or bulletins no longer sufficient, especially young audiences on analog media is hard to … Continue reading

Irish Cobs

Presentation of the Tinker horse and Irish COB society Germany e. V. For over 10 years, in Germany, Tinker and Irish COB imported and bred. This colourful and quiet character horse breed from the country of origin in Ireland has … Continue reading