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Peruvian Teachers

In my memory it leaves to landmark two scenes by but horrifying in the life the Peruvian teachers, by whom there are to have them in account: First it happens in the luctuosos of Frontn and Lurigancho and the other … Continue reading

Arcangelo Corelli

However, “continued” – this is not entirely accurate. Violins in Cremona were doing at the same time as in Brescia, a founder of the Cremona school was Andrea Amati’s even older, than Bertolotti, and the more Magini. On the continuation … Continue reading

Body Relaxing

This sit-ups, push-ups, tilts, turns and stuff. Very simple and convenient way to remove the situational stress and calm your nerves – sit down 50 times, or do 50 push-ups, better in open air. Besides, it's much healthier and more … Continue reading