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Belle Building

Also for its structure of sound equipment and illumination total thus moveispermitindo ample possibilities and adjusting perfectly montagemde any spectacle. After an ample reform foireinaugurado in 1988, and that it registers history is the teatral movement loved quesempre was one … Continue reading

Cabaret Voltaire

Cinema can still be mentioned to the set of people who work in the cinematographic industry, or to the room of spectacles where cinematographic workmanships are shown. The invention of the photograph and mainly of ' ' photograph animada' ' … Continue reading

Java Theater

Mainly in the Chinese operas, that for its vezsempre was on to the dance, where myths and legends were represented. Partirdo century XI, starts to appear the dramas most human, and myths and lendasvinham then mixed with histories of love, … Continue reading


Christine decided to count for Raoul everything that had happened with it in these fifteen days, then the two will decide to run away, but that before it decided to make one it only finishes presentation for its angel, and … Continue reading

Miracle of Technology

When the game is changing for the keyboard and the player makes the action much faster than in training (at least trying to) very often misses the key to the vital moment and kill him. Now the headphones: What gives … Continue reading


But the man is so constituted that if he felt a lot of money, the less he wants to get longer. So they go back to what they can do best. Although this area is so thin – human relations, … Continue reading

Mobility Moving

It should be noted that these weaknesses of embedded components quite natural for mobile devices and can easily compensate for connecting external components (monitor, keyboard, mouse), but it increases the final cost of the laptop and somewhat reduces the mobility … Continue reading


Preeclampsia is what is known as the voltage increase during pregnancy and usually differs from what happens in a normal adult state. This increase in tension in the pregnant woman can cause a serious commitment to most of the organs … Continue reading

World Central Bank

Never the exercise of power, look for resources to preserve their health based on human subjugation of man against man, had been so devastating. "Democracy", as another component of royal jelly domain political model has so much detail it strike … Continue reading