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Essence Talent

* Hide not your TALENTS, they were created to be used, do to what SERVIRIA put a clock of Sun in the shadow? * Benjamin Franklin * the universe sings your song because you exist, your talent is the ESA … Continue reading

Forming Talent

Focusing on the idea of obtaining a value-added and referring to the most valuable capital which is the human factor, the process of recruitment and selection as such, is not always necessary because sometimes intuition can more than a formal … Continue reading

Individual Talents

As noted in previous notes as the flowers of Bach and the American floral essences flower essences in general characterized by work on the planes of consciousness, the peronalidad and the emotions. There is no doubt about its effectiveness and … Continue reading


What is talent? Do you have or you learn?.Many of us are sure that we have seen to co-workers, friends or acquaintances with great success in their professional lives and we said. is it that you have talent and we … Continue reading