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Emotional Learning

If you wish to control your life and to stop being a doll into the hands of the destiny, it learns to handle your conflicts of positive form. In the life the important thing is not to become an insensible … Continue reading

Church Front

when one became necessary this virtue ahead said high more of the eyes of its future mother-in-law for name of Noemi. Thus being, she is it following question; By means of this historical context, which of the two before if … Continue reading

Fat Burners

The green tea reason makes a burner of fat is good because it is a powerful caffein source and the antioxidants. The fat is easier to burn and the weight is easy to lose when its body is deoxidized, and … Continue reading

The Orders

Safe god Noah of the terrible conviction of the mpios and populates all again the land. More the men had not understood the love of God spilled in its hearts, as until today they do not want to understand. had … Continue reading

Annotations In A Notebook

Annotations in a notebook On – Heliconia > Spring the custom to write down in a notebook everything what it is to me interesting causes, of indefectible way, a chaos. Treatment of being ordered without obtaining it. To read more … Continue reading


At that time, the Church also was adept of these ‘ ‘ pomposidades’ ‘ Reals. For the people of that time, a party in the cut was the reproduction of the life of the sky in the land. Already for … Continue reading

The Public Library

Organized in a bus adapted for the project, the store makes use of ten computers in net, DVD, printer, screen of projection, equipment of sound and image and books. The mediators, professors prepared for the function, ahead count histories for … Continue reading

British School University

the most beautiful moments in the daily work of a Chief bookers with own music agency that will provide once a sensation! The helmet band plays at the 04.07.08″their first concert at the Colos-Saal as suport in Aschaffenburg, the first … Continue reading