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the most beautiful moments in the daily work of a Chief bookers with own music agency that will provide once a sensation! The helmet band plays at the 04.07.08″their first concert at the Colos-Saal as suport in Aschaffenburg, the first tour of Germany by the 24.09 up to 01.10.08 to promote and which is already almost fully booked – two dates are still available, hence it is said for locations: hurry! Then we go for some concerts across through Austria. The last concert for this year in Germany Festival the Band Clash “in the Dieburger beer garden going. NAMASTE began as a University band, Sam, Mike and the original drummer Freya page 2001 visited the British School University of performing arts in London. Soon, Dan Gray was an old school friend of Mike and was recorded as a bass player in the band. The band has recorded, 2 short EP’s on and played often in the London scene.

Freya-page left the band in 2004, and made room for Chris Francombe. The band matured and recorded 3 songs within a few months with the former Muse Engineer Tom Joyce in the Cornish sawmills Studio on. in 2005 the band began to play, including a successful 10-day tour in Ireland throughout the United Kingdom. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez. The band briefly returned to sawmills and recorded three more songs to complete the “every picture tells A story” EP, which is sold over 1000 copies. 2006, by the present Manager Tanja Vrana, NAMASTE were invited to Vienna, in Austria. They played a tour in Austria, which ended with a sweaty show in Vienna. NAMASTE enthralled with their music and end of 2006 two trips had negotiated a record deal with the independent Austrian label Crater8records to follow after Austria. January 2007 a contract was signed, and NAMASTE began recording studio in the Viennese “Whats that Noize” with the producer Andreas Fennes.

The CD was released soon and got great applause in July 2007 in the Austrian/German media. NAMASTE toured since and have feel in the beautiful city of Vienna Austria and usual NAMASTE very connected. NAMASTE play music that is hard and heavy, melody is peppered with great vocals and strong riffs with a large portion of a kind of “Alternative rock”. In certain ways, Sam sound is hard to decipher, not because it is too complicated or to alternative, but because appeals to the music to so many different people.NAMASTE for example at an indie event tend to hear people when NAMASTE play event with a “metal” influences from Led Zeppelin, tend to hear an influence of tool and Oceansize. The 3 main influences include Radiohead, tool, and Led Zeppelin.

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