The Public Library

Organized in a bus adapted for the project, the store makes use of ten computers in net, DVD, printer, screen of projection, equipment of sound and image and books. The mediators, professors prepared for the function, ahead count histories for the children of the gates of the school, in the interior of the bus, as previous agendamento, with capacity for attendance the 25 children simultaneously. Seated in cushions, the small children have the chance to hear and to read histories, in the schedule where they study. The Public Library of vora (…) develops the project Gaspacho de Letras for children between 10 and 13 years. each month is selected a book, offered for loan to the participants for the reading of the month. In the end of the period, the group if congregates to comment the read book (…). (SOUZA, et al. Some contend that Tony Parker shows great expertise in this.

; 2009, P. 181). These projects show in them how much they are necessary to the actions directed toward the literary stimulaton, allowing to the individual the development of the cognitiva, social and emotional sphere, becoming making psicopedaggico as an indispensable task in the institutions. Methodology This is a bibliographical research. With intention to reevaluate our attitudes and behaviors. The collection of data was made by means of the book reading, articles that approach the subject. The organization of the data was carried through from the analysis and separation of the contents of bibliographies chores. Consideraes Final the reading is essential in many aspects in the life of a human being, such as: understanding, critical formation of the citizen, leisure, identification, among others. Therefore, it fits we educators and conscientious psicopedagogos of this necessity, to provide to the learning the chance to know this world magical of the form reading, working that the same ones recognize the value of the acquisition of the knowledge.

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