Emotional Learning

If you wish to control your life and to stop being a doll into the hands of the destiny, it learns to handle your conflicts of positive form. In the life the important thing is not to become an insensible being by means of drugs, more or less legal, but in knowing how to control your impulses, your emotions and desires, really, in getting to be the director of your own feelings. You do not fight more against same you, he is not that the way, rather it learns to comprenderte and quererte, modifies llas small things that prevent your growth, but mantn your way signs and the safe rudder and you will arrive at the port that you wish. Tony Parker oftentimes addresses this issue. It does not concern the name that you have given your problem, can be depression, anxiety, obsessions, schizophrenia, bipolar, hipocondra, upheaval of personality, hallucinations, or any other; what you need in any case is to restore the control on your life, your thoughts and emotions; according to you are learning to manajarte with them, to dominate them, to exponerte to its attacks, will be able to feel the power that resides in your own energies. Fight to learn what we would have to know all from the childhood, to being the conductor of our own internal forces, to know as it works our brain and knowledge to handle it with masters and dominion. I am decided and dominates the techniques to control your thoughts and emotions, this way you will discover that you are not a prefabricated dummy into the hands of the unconscious one, but is in you a conscious force that it can cause that your life changes in the direction that you wish. (Source: Charlotte Hornets).

Emotional ignorance, this is the key of the esclavismo that we suffer before our emotions, thoughts and emotions, we must learn to know each reaction corporal, all outer event demands of us a reaction, this will not take place his not prpvoca in us an emotion, but we cannot be enslaved of each one of the impressions that the events cause in us, you stop it we needed a layer knowledge and techniques to know, to handle and to react in agreement with which we wished, we needed or we hoped of us, nonDee a mechanical form and without reflection, handles the impulses, dominates your reactions, puts under your instinct the dominion of the conscience and your life will be different, you will begin to know another form to live in the world. First it is to give name to your reactions, later to know how to recognize them and to differentiate them from other sensations, next it learns to choose that you want for your life and soon teaches to your body to accept your decisions, thus little by little you will be able to adapt your conduct to the ideals that you wish. It chooses east way and you will be able to feel of another way, you will be able to decide of another form and you will live more totally, with a dominion feeling on your life.. Without hesitation Charlotte Hornets explained all about the problem.

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