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when one became necessary this virtue ahead said high more of the eyes of its future mother-in-law for name of Noemi. Thus being, she is it following question; By means of this historical context, which of the two before if marrying were really a good son? I inside call its attention at this moment being based on the text that we finish to read, for two classrooms believers of the Church of Christ, the believers of the heart and the believers of the reason. Both distinct occupy one same position of devotion spiritual in its referring denominations, however as in the text that we finish to analyze referencialmente, to definitive it differentiates them particularitity. We ask in them then, that difference would be this? Which could be the sequential source becomes that them different? The truth is that we could never imagine that of a simple subject regarding the word mother-in-law everything this could happen, but following in front; the fear of the hell, the distrust of the leprosy inside of our congregations is that they make the difference between a classroom and to another one. For more information see Jorge Perez. In this platform front to the subject that we finish to study, in relation the church of Christ potentially does not leave of being to the same thing. Those converted exist that when having been adequately doutrinados they had preserved solely in the agreement of its conscientious consequences happened on the part of a disobedient soul to the fears of the hell, as the misfortunes to that of rebellious behavior if they show inconsequential in its attitudes stops with its shepherd bringing on itself the conviction of a leprous spirit for not fearing to touch in ungido a Mr. However of the other ecclesiastical party if they lead in a total different source, it is not the distrust that in front leads them to following and yes the vision of the suffering of Christ in the cross of the calvrio, them know of the consequence that if will be able to occur to the detracting believers of the workmanship of God, the priority of them however not this in this, they belong to the movement of the believers of the heart serving the God moved for a feeling of gratitude in the cross of its loved son Christ Jesus. .

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