World Central Bank

Never the exercise of power, look for resources to preserve their health based on human subjugation of man against man, had been so devastating. "Democracy", as another component of royal jelly domain political model has so much detail it strike dossier. It is a discourse, a vocal gun persuader, a scheme of the domain of diplomacy, a parapet hypocrisy of war and invasion, vulgar imperial control mechanism. Since the founding of the U.S. as a democratic empire arm (?), colonizing world, practiced over hundreds of military invasions, most of them in the name of freedom and the liberal principle of democracy, they usually considered outraged. latest, has its counterpart in terror plot and the search weapons of mass destruction.

As regards the IMF, which announces the theme of this financial crisis and involves the stark economic power of the Zionist consortia Wall Street, Asia and Europe, comprises one of the most unfair features of the moral devastation of man, a critical element of current decline of civilization, an ominous sign of the interests and practices that attempt to preserve the global political right. As said, the exploitation of man by man, the division of society between slaves and masters, oppressed and oppressor, rampant capitalism, the preservation of prerogatives even at the cost of environmental destruction and human, the use of devastating weapons for the purposes , etc. Sign Zionist power to preserve the system to help banks and international lending agency par excellence, the IMF, a kind of World Central Bank acts to safeguard the planet's richest guild.

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