Belle Building

Also for its structure of sound equipment and illumination total thus moveispermitindo ample possibilities and adjusting perfectly montagemde any spectacle. After an ample reform foireinaugurado in 1988, and that it registers history is the teatral movement loved quesempre was one of the most important cultural expressions of Par. Oreferido building was tumbling for the secretariat of culture of the state, through dodepartamento artistic and cultural historic site in 1982, conformepublicao in Official gazette of the State of this same year, dated in 15 dedezembro. (ANDRADE, 2004, p.165) Currently the theater meets in plenaatividade, however with some difficulties amongst them the painting and the system derefrigerao. 5 CONSIDERAESFINAIS When writing this article, we search apesquisa in some books, periodical materials of our state and even in siteda secretariat of culture of the state of Par, with the academic objective and to mesmotempo of enrichment of our knowledge, related to the patrimniospblicos of Belm. Valley to stand out that the research had been degrande value, therefore through of them beyond knowledge, we absorb oconhecimento with regard to history of our city. Also we can perceberque although some building to have on account passed for reforms other continuamabandonados of the indifference of our authorities. It is lamentable that this comes happening, therefore are gorgeous workmanships that with certainty after to pass for a good reform eprocurando to conserve its original traces, will serve for visitations or atequem knows, to be used with on ranks of deservios work the politics of our state.

As it occurs in some restored building already. REFERCIASBIBLIOGRAFICAS ANDRADE, Paulode Tarso. Belm and its histories paraense deVeneza the Belle poque. 2 Ed. Belm: Kanga publishing company, 2004.

CAPELOSSI, Svio Son; SEYNAEVE, Raymond J.M. Tourist Guiahistrico and of the city of Belm. Belm: Cejup, 1992. HUNTER, Benedict. History of Par. Belm: Publishing company Amaznia, 2005. MELO, Luis. New palco the arts of Belm. OLiberal. Belm, 12 of January of 1998. Poster, p1. ALBERTO, Jose.Nova life to the market of Are Brs. Jornaldo People. Belm, 24 of October of 1999. 1 Is characterized for the organic forms, escapism for the nature and valuation of the artisan work. 2 Of a general form was marcadopela simplicity, being that some cases perceive it influence Roman comabras maada by severity and monumentalidade, and in other cases if sobressaems characteristic Greeks. 3 the baroque one has its characterizes, in the dynamism of the workmanships, the urgency the conflict and I appeal it emotional fort usandocores, textures light games and shades to give a movement character. 4 the USA the verticalismo in the buildings with a species of approach with God. 5 mixture of all the other elements.

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