Evangelho People

' The way for the life is of that it keeps the instruction, but what it leaves the rebuke commits erro.' ' Pv 10; 17 the sinonmico parallelism of the Hebrew poetry places instruction and rebuke side by side, fundindo knowledge and education as two faces of only currency. Good times those where the pedagogos had authority as of a father or mother, to reprehend when opportune. Today, what they can is to divide knowledge in environments to the hostile times, of children impolite who defy its masters, protected for the law. This brandura ' ' civilizada' ' it also reached the messengers of the Evangelho who, in its majority, work with end to bring satisfaction to the auditorium, so that the people applaud ' ' the Jesus' '. The habit to applaud retraces to the Greek theater in the antiquity, where the people evoked to deuses of the arts so that they helped to the actors in its performances. Today, it means approval of an performance, agreement with a postulate any, and still, incentive.

&#039 is common in cults; ' animador' ' to evoke ' ' palms pra Jesus' ' , or during a message the people to applaud one taken off any of the preacher. I am not worried about the habit to applaud in the church, but, evidencing a preoccupying bias of this ' ' civilizao' ' of the messengers. Joseph Aleine, is cited in the book the puritanos and the conversion, having said the following one, to its London auditorium: ' ' I will not put in my hook isca of the rhetoric therefore I am not fishing your applause; if it was this, I I would sing another song; my mission is to save not to please them them, and if to fail you will be lost; without conversion it does not have salvao' '.

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