Have one forty years, knew a citizen, Its Flower, that lived in a small house, in which also possua a restaurant and one quitanda. Its Flower, when knew I it, was very good people. But it has who says that in its youth, in the time of the revolution, it are a collaborator of the maragatos, and that its function was to examine if those that had been executed for? decollation? they were exactly died. Its Flower was, therefore, something similar to a medical legal expert of field revolutionary them. But this did not hinder it to be afvel person and very well-connected, good friend and friend of you would fish, in which always it exerted the cook functions. Its Flower was an excellent cook. It wise person to prepare a fish of some forms, also to transform them into adocicados cookies.

Also she can: its Flower had two women, a Chinese and a Brazilian. It lived with both, but not at the same time. It was one season with one and one season with another one. In way that with its two women learns to coexist and to unmask mysteries of the arts, also to cook. I myself I had the chance to lunch in its quitanda Chinese plates that did not have nothing to the good restaurants of Porto Alegre, that I costumava to frequent when there he inhabited. Its Flower, that did not sleep in service, is instructed in many things for its two women. For the Brazilian, who were Portuguese teacher of mathematics and, and for the Chinese, who was martial master in culinria and arts.

In way that Its Flower, beyond being good in mathematics, speech well the Portuguese, the Castilian and the Chinese, also was respected for its courage and valentia, for having at the time been a friend of the decollators of the revolution and because also he was an excellent fighter of Kung Fu and Karat. When I knew Its Flower and its two women, it had to walk beirando the ninety, while its wives, one had 52 and to another one 56 years of age. I worked fifteen years in an office next to its quitanda and during this time Its Flower did not adoeceu nor changed its appearance. when the vi in the street for the last time, still the same, it had to be with more than one hundred years. I asked for its two women, the Yoko and a Flower of Liz, and it said me to it that they were very well, and that still it lived with both, one month with one, one month with another one, is clearly, not to tire of them, nor they to tire of it. Luciano Axe.

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