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Tarot Edition – Emotions

Tarot Chuck raises many emotions: fear, anxiety, anxiety about the unknown. It is necessary to know how to handle these emotions, and to overcome any trace of fear awakens us to know about our fate. The circulation of the tarot … Continue reading


The programs humorstico of the TV in them brings very good a momentnea joy for signal, but we do not have to be attending this in all time, because we will go to have a false joy, we go to … Continue reading

Sadness Of Joy

‘ I am sad and glad Without drinking I am sad, drinking I I am glad I I am sad and glad Without drinking I am sad, drinking I I am alegre’ ‘ We see, in the space between lineses, … Continue reading

African Traditions

The traditions African that if reproduced in the cults afro-Brazilians of the Candombls, preserve many millenarian rites, as for example, the sacrifice and the offerings. The essence of the sacrifices and offerings is in the vital energy, as much of … Continue reading

Evangelho People

' The way for the life is of that it keeps the instruction, but what it leaves the rebuke commits erro.' ' Pv 10; 17 the sinonmico parallelism of the Hebrew poetry places instruction and rebuke side by side, fundindo … Continue reading