Christine decided to count for Raoul everything that had happened with it in these fifteen days, then the two will decide to run away, but that before it decided to make one it only finishes presentation for its angel, and later them they would go to run away, but only that in the way it Christine spectacle was kidnapped by Erick. Then Raoul and Persa had been until the house of the lake to be able to save the young woman, but they had finished being imprisoned in the torture room. When Erick discovered that they were there, started to make with that they passed much heat and started to have hallucinations. After many hallucinations they had found a bilge, where he was full of powder, in case that Christine did not accept if to marry it, it would go to blow up the theater. Then they will decide to count for Christine, when the young woman knew of this decided to be married it. Later that the young woman accepted the bilge started to be flooded, together with the torture room. Already not having more as to breathe the two they had fainted, and they waked up in the house of the ghost and later in its houses. When Erick perceived that continued itself compelling if to marry it it, would only go to make it to suffer.

Then it decided to leave to be married Raoul. But unhappyly she finished dying of love. After to read this book I perceived as the love is a dangerous thing. When Erick if got passionate for Christine it did not measure efforts to have it, but it did not perceive that it was if killing to the few, and that Christine never it would go to love it as loved it, or as it loved Raoul, with this she finished deluding itself and she committed many crimes to be able to conquer the heart of the young woman.

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