Manga is the Japanese Designation for a cartoon and a cartoon is in turn connected to a caricature, since both tell a funny story, which have usually a punch line at the end. However, the individual styles through their own characteristic elements differ. Big eyes, colorful hair and simplified features that are the characteristic features of the Japanese manga style. The original image will be changed to meet these characteristics, and the customer receives a work of art, where he can experience is brand new. A caricature from photo is its importance as a pictorial satire in as far as equitable, that certain elements of the scene are overstated and exaggerated displayed with this style.

With the election to this style, the customer proves humor, courage and self-irony. The new styles, a high entertainment factor is guaranteed, because they aim to arouse feelings among the people and to get them to laugh. Of course, they are the works of art in the new styles still as special and exclusive gift for various occasions. So will enjoy a wedding couple with security on a personalized caricature from a photo of your most beautiful day and also the guests put a smile on the face! Also, one should not forget that Christmas is just around the corner and is a personalised pop art artwork or a caricature from photo particularly well as a unique Christmas present. Of course stays true to its roots, so the usual pop styles type still available! Who looks around at ArtYourFace, has the courage to leave familiar paths and to embark on a new direction for the gift-giving, as pop art is a lifestyle for which you have to be ready. Who but the adventure pop art engages, is no better, more reliable, and also no faster partner for pop art design as ArtYourFace, so Why don t YOU ArtYourFace?

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