Bagno Landmarks

It affirms that the lingustico preconception if bases on the belief of that an only worthy Portuguese language of this name only exists and that it would be the language taught in the schools, explained in the catalogued grammars and in the dictionaries. (Bagno, 1999) 4,3 Constataes de Efeitos of the Lingustico Preconception As observing of the frequent lingusticas variations and authority as for the rich attributes of the language, Bagno Landmarks considers: ' ' The Portuguese language presents a unit surpreendente' ' – the more serious greater and amongst other myths, for being harmful to the education is not to recognize that the Portuguese said in Brazil well is diversified, exactly the school trying to impose the lingustica norm as if it was in fact common all the Brazilians. 2010, P. the 47 differences of social status in our country, explains the existence of the true lingustico abyss enters the falantes of the varieties not-standard of the Brazilian Portuguese who composes most of the population and the falantes of the supposed cultured variety, in general not very defined well, that is the language taught in the school. This language gains dimensions that surpass the limits of the house and the school. However, on the other hand it is scrumbled the two limits citados.5.

METHODOLOGY the procedure technician who assisted in the activity of bibliographical research was a research elucidating to the educator that the existing cultural mixtures in our country can be shown as a new way of learning of our language materna, this if the educators to collaborate for this growth. At as a moment, one became possible to perceive that it had promotion of a more including qualification to the professionals of the education for the recognition of the existing dialetais variations in our country in more coherent way. Thus, they must be divulged by ways of lectures, symposiums, television and other medias the existing lingusticas variations to each day that passes our educators thus if it becomes less confused they it agreement of the lingusticas variations.

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