Blue Cruise Croatia

Sports yacht has explored, the sailing boat master presents his travel plans for the Blue Cruise Croatia as well as important processes. To meet the new Segelmanschaft and all deposit in the ship register, from the marine diesel and the port fees and meals can be paid. The next morning a day route is created on the basis of the weather on the experienced skipper has always something interesting to show and tell. For more information see this site: comedian. The first maritime hand grips are learned and soon you stand alone at the helm. The sailing the yacht on the Blue Cruise Croatia maneuver through to Priomosten and Zadar, the charming Croatian archipelago and other interesting and beautiful bays, Islands and ports until down to the famous Italian gondola city of Venice. It quickly seven busy sailing days, where everyone with need to tackle, but also time pass to the can relax, read or play, Cook joint and enjoy..

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