Childrens Films Today

What to watch for our children. Because today among a large number of television movies and variety of a very small part, in my opinion, will be really helpful to our children. Yes, there are now various interesting children's programs. But it is a good children's films and cartoons today do not produce. Think of how many wonderful films were produced during the Soviet era. Yes it is about those good old movies and cartoons I'd like to say. Everyone probably remembers with admiration such wonderful children's movies and cartoons as: Guest from the Future, Old Hottabych, Academy of Mr, 12 months, Just you wait, Leopold the Cat, Big space travel, the City Masters, Maria Mirabell in transistors, "New Adventures of Puss in Boots and many others.

I wanted to and our kids continued to watch children's films from the past. Here's a summary of the movie "Guest from the Future." In 1984, the sixth-Kolya Gerasimov discovered in the basement of an old house a time machine, which goes to the end of the xxi century. There he becomes the accidental witness of how the two space pirate – Laughter 'Y' and rats – are trying to steal the device for reading thoughts 'mielofon' Alice Selezneva, which uses it in his scientific experiments. To save 'mielofon' from pirates, Nick takes it himself and sent to him back in the xx century. Pirates and Alice go after Kolya. Alice knows the name Coley, as well as the number of school and class, in which he learns, however, it does not know what he looks like. Pirates also know Kohl's face, but nothing else about him do not know.

Here's another another great plot of the movie The Snow Queen. This is a touching story of great love, about human kindness, of faithfulness dolgu.Film – tale tells of the adventures of the little Gerda. She looking for her friend Kay, The Snow Queen sped away in their little Kai ice possession and turned it into a kind compassionate heart shard ice. On the road to the Snow Queen Gerda have to go through a lot adventures: she meets a prince and princess, speaking ravens and crows, falls into the castle to the cunning, crafty, and at the same time funny King, with the robbers. On the way the girl will have many trials, but true Gerda's heart will overcome all obstacles In my opinion a very good movie plot. I wanted to and now let the good films for children.

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