Cotton Economy

The factors had been several that contributed for the development of the north-eastern cotton, as for example, the increase of the population, the expansion of the consumption of twisted, the industrial revolution, the opening of the ports in 1808, the war of secession, U.S.A.Ahead of this since the year of 1850 up to 1940 the cotton was one of the main products northeastern and the only one that it disputed with the sugar cane of sugar in Sergipe was not different of the situation that occurred at this moment in other regions northeast. Regarding to captainship of Sergipe being of reference to the north-eastern cotton center at the beginning of century XIX. It goes if it detaches the village of Itabaiana. Also it finds reference on the village of Lizard that had a production of 1500 arroba. Being the lands of Simo Days more you prosper for the culture. Neighboring Amaro saint to the most fertile beaches for the culture of the cotton was collides four a thousand arrobas more than. In Japaratuba he was cultivated in the neighboring bushes to the river Sergipe. Also it has information of plantation in new village (Nilpolis) urubu (proper) and Aguidab.J in the second half of century XIX the situation of the cotton lavora was precarious was so impressive that the government of the province requested of the imperial government the remittance of some seeds of herbaceous cotton species that ties then was unknown in the province so that it improved the situation of the planters. It enters the years of 1855 and 56 because of the epidemic of clera all the provincial economy suffered a fort shakes, where it made 8010 victims between the enslaved population and this raised a damage in the culture of the cotton. The cotton production not only had problems with the sugar cane production as well as suffered with attacks of plagues, as in proper, this same plague attacks Simo Days that the bolor had that in the first years it attacks the trunk immediately passes to ramas making unusable the tree.

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