Cristina Fernandez

Argentine pans returned to manifest their sound in protest to the way how current President Cristina Fernandez is leading the country, and above all, the conflict of the field which has already been a long time without reaching agreements that give confidence to return, stability that both aspire Argentines. Mariano Grondona of the newspaper La Nacion of Buenos Aires, this reality brings a writing which leads to consider political instability, unrest that currently prevails in the Argentina, points out, that everything seems to be that there is no willingness for dialogue and strictly instructs that the reverse of the word dialogue, the controversial word, which comes from the Greek polemos, war, alludes to a war that, rather than use weapons, uses words. What they had last Monday, when thousands of Argentines beat their pots throughout the length and breadth of the country, were not words but noises, but laden with significance noises. Do they say, without saying so, the cacerolazos? That its authors were not compliant with how Cristina Kirchner was facing the conflict with the field. And, from the moment that many of them were not rural but urban, that were not compliant with the ways of the President, with his style in general. It is impossible to not link this interpretation with the fact that, from January to this part, Cristina Kirchner has seen to decrease its index of popular approval of 56 to 20 percent. Originating from the crisis of the countryside, its collapse in the polls clearly goes beyond the field. . This information that points us Grondona should be very worrying for the Government of President Cristina Fernandez, since sentences you are starting your management and already delves into conflicts desastibilizadores that do not favor him, more so when the country in recent years has experienced a serious crisis economic, political, social. Grondona exposed, that perhaps President Cristina, had not perceived until he heard the cacerolazos, which one of the factors of their rapid wear is not so much in the conflict that have caused their measures of Government as in his arrogance discursive to defend them.

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