Dr. Hawkins

In some kinestesia experiments, it is observed that great part of the population lives in the frequency of the fear, the majority dedicate great amount of its life to conquer the security of one or the other form. The Dr. Hawkins says to us that no important satisfaction can begin below the level of 250, that is where the self-confidence begins as a base for a positive life. The energy levels that they calibrate below 200 are common in extremely primitive conditions, where people as soon as it can survive. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Charlotte Hornets. The characterized populations to calibrate to 200 are typified by empirical work rudimentary market and the provisional construction of simple devices like canoes and houses. In the middle of scale 200 is the semied-prepare work associate. The constructions are simple but useful to live and begins the elementary education. In them high part of the 200 we see workers of white neck, salesmen, commerce, industry.

In lower levels the fishing is a tribal activity or individual and in the middle of 200 scale the fishing is an industry here. At the level of 300 we found technicians, talented artists, managers of routine and a structure of businesses more outpost. The secondary education becomes standard and exists the interest by the sports, programs of public entertainment, the TV is the greater pastime at this level. Although the levels that we have described throw a great variation among them, it is impressive what east Doctor says, because during 20 years of experiments account occurred which people never leave the level in which she was born, that is to say vibrate during all their life in the rank of her community. Although he is not ordinary to move of an energy field towards another one more high one during all a life, the opportunity if it exists. And that opportunity lies to the 100% in the individual and its motivation to leave ahead and to change its conditions of life.

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