Espirito Santo

This I finish that you to write is concerning that they look for to you to be deceptive. How much it others, the unction that from it you received remain in you, and you do not tend necessity of that somebody teaches to you; but, as its unction teaches regarding all the things to you, and she is true, and she is not false, you remain in it, as well as it taught to you (I Joo 2:24 the 27). ' ' When a preacher does not have ' ' call of Deus' ' the ones that have the discernment of the Espirito Santo they perceive immediately. No matter how hard this person is adept, it she will say something that opposes the divine norms and us we will perceive that there it is a joio in the way of the workmanship of God. Loved, us we do not know when Jesus will come back but all we perceive that the signals said in the Bible are happening. From there, somebody will be able to argue: they had always had wars between the nations, hunger on the land, phenomena of the nature but have a bigger frequency of these phenomena and an important question that we cannot ignore: ' ' the land is burning, super aquecida' ' the men if prepare for a great war, worried about the power and the weapons long-range What we would have to be making? Jesus in showed to the way for a perpetual life and which to them the biggest principle or order so that let us reach this life of peace? Jesus in gave to a direction when nailing the multitudes to them: ' ' You search in first place the Kingdom of God and its justice and the too much things in them will be acrescentadas' '. This must be our goal in this time: to more search the God in conjunct, words and workmanships.

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