Fragile Heart

' ' Gratitude is the memrida one of corao' '. Fred Allen takes a slightly different approach. It is a gesture that before happening, makes you to ahead move, to go in the life transposing the difficulties and the proper deficiencies, breaching with the defects. Gratitude is love gesture, but before it happening in fact, it must be in you the will to love, must exist inside the love to love there. Official site: Ken Kao. Because if your heart will not be remade, it will not be centered, with the wounds cured for the fertility, it could not be come back toward the pretty and truily intense feelings. If the heart is not well you are welcome valley to have a feeling occupying an infertile space and without quality, of that they do not add much thing, because there the attitude does not go to advance very. Therefore the love gesture benefits the other and to you yourselves.

E is when you lose yourself that she must learn to shine again, not leaving with that rusgas of the past does not pass. It makes the past to pass for you, either grateful to everything that and all those that had made your soul if to move your heart to beat. If it does not worry in such a way about the said words, but silence tries to hear more. It is in the way of the multitude, but it does not forget who walks alone, to the edge. Therefore a thousand candles can be lighted for an only candle, and the life of this candle will not diminish due to this.

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