Greece Chapter

Record the following: the air, which differs in particular substances by rarefaction and condensation. By becoming more subtle becomes fire, when condensed into wind, then cloud, even more condensed water, earth and stone, all other things are produced from these. This allows us to understand that trying to establish laws for such phenomena whether, if it meets a time are always met. Youth is important to remember that deal with technologies and science, as it is also important to know history, since it should be closed to a single study and disparage others, since each study is necessary at the time of development of a comprehensive and eloquent . "When shipwrecked Aristippus, and winning the shore by swimming, was drawn in the sand on the beach about geometric figures, shuddered at the sight of happiness, judging that he had set foot on Greek soil and not in a foreign country" (book Eighteenth Chapter XV the spirit of the law) other authors stated: "since the dawn of their cultural development, the people of ancient Greece gave proof of talent creating the epics of Homer.

Towards the end of the eighth century or early seventh century appears in boesia Hesiod, the first poet whose name and works have come down to us a way of preserving the popular epic, the Works and Days and Theogony of Hesiod, reflect the individuality of the author and trends social and political. What are the farmers. The author demonstrates, at the same time that other aspirations, foreign to the invading Hellas: the pursuit of happiness, and wealth in the distant sea voyages and contacts in the tumultuous sea "(history of ancient Greece Chapter XIII ) then the same authors note that "we are obliged, in philosophy and in many other fields, to refer constantly to the output of this small town.

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