Guarani Spanish

But when we say that one of us becomes the nembotavy or that it is a chusco vyro we are facing a reality: our double (Guarani Spanish) origin. We only understand the expression becomes the in Spanish and the Guarani, in a same sentence nembotavy; Word or expression chusco vyro of Guarani and the word in Spanish, in a sentence. This phenomenon places us before our way of being mokoi rova. Is that in the Paraguayan we could synthesize the sentence: two different people (Guarani and Spanish) and one true God: the Paraguayan. I.e. we prevail simultaneously two different but materialized cultures in one person. On the one hand, Western culture (Spanish) and on the other hand, the native culture (Guarani). As we said, on the one hand, the Paraguayan – today – is part of the Western world where the humans must live to work and live to have.

So intense are the revolutions of life in that world than practically anyone else thinks in live to be. Long studies and labor hours, variety of entertainment, and the coverage of all the time available by the avalanche of temptations offered by consumer society, through television, the radio stations and newspapers; they have cooperated to the appearance of the material man or more exactly materialist or Western man as some called it. It is the man capable of entertaining is watching – from your home TV – a war between two countries or a football match. He works every day several hours and has delicate last time commitments. He is the man that suffers at the same time modern pathologies such as overwork, stress or has high blood pressure. He is the man who does not respect or knows the nature and much less their own structure and body functioning.

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