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According to scientific studies, it is proven that people who hear news become negative, fearful and wrong humoradas, because the mind has everything that we give you. Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. including the mind does not understand the word NO, if I say to you. Don’t think a blue horse with wings, true that you He thought it? Do you realise? The mind records everything. The news is a millionaire archi market and is scheduled every 10 news said a good single, by that? R = well because people like to suffer and consoling the suffering of others. Please do not hear news is a habit that causes damage, you tell is to know what is happening, but whether they will have the perfect reality, but they put a maximum degree of sensationalism to always attract audience. People who do not have care to such news, and have traveled with our pilgrimage to the Holy Land never have repented or good, Yes, but have not gone before, not have said I’m A Holy Land!, to know the Holy! sepulchre, to place my requests at the wailing wall, to learn about the history of the Church, the history of Christianity, etc. And it’s been a really wonderful, unforgettable time.

This is a case of real life, a man who worked as hard as I could so not touching your child live as he lived, so he sent his son with all his savings the the Harbart University to study economics. While the boy was studying, his father worked tirelessly, and already had 5 fast food business, this cost him years clear and much sacrifice. When the son came and saw the news said huyy Pope must do something immediately, don’t you see the news? The crisis everywhere, people you won’t be able to buy more, so let me I take control of the business. The father happy because the son had graduated in economics, will it give absolutely everything, and what happened? The young man traumatized, terrified by the news, and as the fear paralyses, and hampers, you low quality bread, cheese and everything in general to avoid expenditure due to the news of the crisis, and in a year destroyed, everything that his father had built. Conclusion do not you make case to news and live life at the highest level, enjoy each day as if it were the last, travels, Yes to holy land, remove mood and say Me Voy A Holy Land!! There is nothing to fear Jehovah is around those who fear him.

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