Human Talent

You will have access to new learnings or to perhaps fortify the knowledge already acquired, by means of an investment that always will be thought about function to the quality of the content thematic and to the real feasibility that can you increase their patrimony intellectual, without having to fit its budget, resigning momentarily to other important projects. THIS PROPOSAL IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE. Ours first motivation is to manage to extend its knowledge in diverse areas of interest (self-help, aesthetic, home, human talent, alternative therapies and sales) in spite of the obstacles of time and ” value inversin”. Specifically we used the technique of Mental Maps for the quick, dynamic and effective learning of each one of the subjects treated in our factories; also the development of dynamic of group, practical exerciseses and our call ” Musical” psychoanalysis; with which we aspired to facilitate the process to him of self-knowledge and reflection that necessarily always we must undertake for autoimpulsar itself towards one better quality of life. In addition, it must know that we have preferred not to count on a hall qualification that affects a rent and therefore it implies to lift the costs of our factories. Thus, we will be always in capacity to positively offer an optimal learning him in suitable and characterized spaces, for being partially abiertos and cultural of our city: universities, parks cultural public and center. Also, we supported the professional improvement of the Human Talent, main guarantor of the development and our organizational success of small, median and great company. We contribute with the development of ” tourism of formacin” when offering our services to the tourist companies (resorts, vacacionales clubs or centers) in order that they can extend their alternatives of entertainment to the user or tourist with the newness of an enriching and existential learning. And finally, but not less important, we soon supported the well-being of the patients shut in hospitals, clinics or centers of health, when extending to them our services, for charity, since it is always important to give the best contribution to consolidate our society in tminos of integral health: mental, physical and emotional then all we are its integral members and first beneficiaries. Thanks, reading friend to spend some minutes to us of its valuable time and to support, somehow, the success of this small but great project!

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