Ischia Film Festival

An insider tip for summer 2010: By Hilary Swank, Anton Corbijn, George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Sir Ken Adam & co. On the Ischia Film Festival, which is held in the framework of the Ischia global fest learns Tino Salazar’s film “Africa light gray zone” (official website for the film:) its Italian premiere in an exclusive location in the Mediterranean Sea.?International greats and Oscar winners such as Sir Ken Adam belong to the Festival Committee (Star set designer of various James Bond movies, including “Goldfinger” and Stanley Kubrick of “Barry Lyndon”, “Dr. Strangelove” u.v.m.), Carlo Rambaldi (“Alien”, “E.T.”, “King Kong”, David Lynchs “Dune dune” etc.), Giuliano Montaldo, Osvaldo desideri, In the framework of the Ischia global Festival will be the who of who of the international film scene to be present: Ben Kingsley, Jeremy Irons, Hilary Swank, and so on and so forth. After all, is “Wall Street: money never sleeps” opened the Festival. Can we therefore also with Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones as a surprise guest account? One thing is certain: this film festival thus this summer is a real insider tip, not only for fans of “Africa light gray zone”! As the film “The American” by Anton Corbijn (main role: George Clooney) on the Ischia Film Festival will be awarded in 2010, as the presence of the Director and his main performer at the Festival is mandatory. Tino Salazar, the has always been a big fan of the work of Anton Corbijns (‘Control’, various music videos by Depeche Mode, Herbert Gronemeyer, U2, Coldplay, Nirvana, etc.) was, of course clamped, what this to “Africa light gray zone” thinks. “Africa light gray zone” runs on the Ischia Film Festival in its section as a films selected from eight and only German film. . If you have read about ??????? ???? ?????? already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

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