Ludwig Michael Shvantalerom

This tradition survives to this day. In 1850, the meadow there was the Statue of Bavaria, founded by Ludwig Michael Shvantalerom (German: Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler) and Leo von Klenze (born Leo von Klenze). Due to cholera epidemics had to cancel a holiday in 1854 and 1873. In 1866, the festival was not held due-Prussian War, and in 1870 because of German-French war. In 1881 year opened the first chickens, and in 1892 the first beer was served in glass mugs are now familiar. Around the same time, the tent in which to sell beer, took one look that they have now. In times of Early in the Oktoberfest tents were still large areas for dancing, bowling and other attractions. All of this was taken out to give more space for visitors and musicians.

In 1910, Oktoberfest celebrated its centennial. By this issue has been sold 1.2 million liters of beer. In 1913 was established the largest in the history of the festival tent on the 12 000 seats (Braurosl, now has about 6000 seats, the biggest tent today (Hofbrau-Festhalle) has about 10,000 seats). 1914-1918 Oktoberfest has been canceled because of World War ii. In 1919 and 1920, Oktoberfest has been renamed “Autumn Festival”. In 1923 and 1924 of the celebration had to be abandoned due to hyperinflation. At the time of National Socialism (1933-1938) Bavarian blue and white flags were replaced at the festival on the standard Nazi .

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