Mia Michaels. “Confessions Of A Choreographer .

Mia Michaels (Mia Michaels) – American choreographer. As a choreographer show has worked with Celine Dion, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Prince. Gained international fame as a choreographer and a member of the jury American show So you think you can dance. Thrice nominated for an Emmy Award, winner of the American Choreography Award Nominee. Because it’s my favorite choreographer, then I wonder all connected with it. So, I found out that Mia led the column in the magazine Movmnt Magazine. As a creative products, which differs from the usual style of the media, to translate its “stream of consciousness” was not very easy. Here are some passages. Of course, this is not a confession, but rather a reflection, but for fans of Mia they may be of interest.

Your reality – it is your reality. Your perception – your perception. Whatever is true, it is. Trying to understand the difference between your truth and the truth of the other exists in your consciousness, but it’s always a big problem. But honestly, what’s the difference? Contact inside myself The answer is there. There are two types of soldiers lives. Leaders and followers. Being a leader means to be in permanent find their own truth. To be a follower – is simply to believe in the truth of someone. That represents you? What you beauty? What do you consider ugly? What is happiness? What is perfection? What is love? What is Art? What is it? Your own perception of the truth – that is what is happening at the moment, at this time, and most likely will change.

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