Natural Cosmetics

Over time the skin loses its bright appearance and firmness, it is common to start noticing the marks of expression on the face, spots caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes and open pores. You can not stop the passage of time, but if possible make it less noticeable nustra its effect on skin and in our whole body in general. These are some of the major natural cosmetics that help to rejuvenate the skin. .- Almonds almonds are seeds that have large amounts of oleic Acito and are therefore considered as excellent natural cosmetics as they help soften, nourish, moisturize and lubricate the skin, is also used as a treatment for hair dull and brittle regenerates cell tissue wall. (Source: Spurs). El Aguacate .- This tropical fruit is rich in unsaturated oils as well as almonds helps regenerate the skin, prevents dryness and roughness.

In addition to its unsaturated oils also are rich in minerals and vitamins essential for maintaining optimal health. ??-???? often addresses the matter in his writings. Tomato .- This vegetable for its high content of beta-carotene is considered the most aanticancerigeno powerful, helps regenerate cell membranes, prevents almost all degenerative diseases and cancer. The Limon .- This fruit is rich in vitamin C, helps nourish the skin, also serves to remove the stain on the skin, cleans and whitens teeth, helps prevent all types of infections that is considered as a natural antiseptic. .- The Honey is a natural atibiotico that provides all kinds of nutrients to the skin, preserves soft Lausanne, prevent split the pores and restores its vitality, we must consume it every day (one tablespoon is enough ) Discover the best natural beauty secrets..

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